Star knot
This is not an easy knot but it is not as difficult as it appears. Follow the drawings and pay attention to the direction you need to work. That changes several times. When you make this knot the first time, or even the first hundred times, you do not need to make the last few tucks, those tripling the strands at the top.
It helps to use the drawings of several different people, till you find the instructions you can work with best. I have not found any star knot on internet, but I have not looked for it either. If you do want to search you may like to start with this site: Knots on the Web

In almost any library you will find a book with knots, and most often they can order a book from an other library. How many books you will find depends on the language you use. In English there are a lot, in the others a little less but often enough. The star knot you will find in books on fancy knots and in the general books. If they want you to name a book you may try "Ashley book of knot" by Clifford W Ashley, the biggest I found, all the traditional knots, big and expensive, translated into many European languages. Other writers, with books still in the market, who have written about the star knot are Geoffrey Budworth, Hervey Garrett Smith and Floris Hin, but better check before you buy the book, they have also published books without this knot. And there are many other books, just look through all of them. (I know people with several bookcases knot books, so do not stop till you have found a book you like.)

If you found the star knot in books, or on the net, you may have seen that not everybody uses four strands, I have checked when working on this knot and found one with 3 strands and one with 5. Both writers had good reasons for using the version they used. I choose 4 because of drawing them on the computer.
When you have made the knot with four ends (strings), try it with just three. (Two is not enough, try it yourself if you wish.) And try it with 5 or 6.
Working with 6 or more ends you will notice that the hart of the knot will stay open. You may use an other variation then. Use the crown knot, over 2 or 3, instead of the crown knot in the star knot.

Most people will not make the star knot with more than two loops at the side but I have been able to make it with three levels. If you are able to do it as well you belong in the International Guild of Knot Tyers' IGKT
They can teach you more than I can at this site.

A small hint for everybody who wants to make a star knot, the loops in the first phase of the knot are easier to make if you twist the string between thumb and index finger, but watch the direction of the loop. If you just onlay the string you may want to make the mirror image of the knot.

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