Shamrock knot
This knot can be used for leaves for plants, for dragonfly wings or for whatever you think it looks like. You can use it either singly or work the knots in series.
Start with a bight,
tie a thumb knot in one end.
A thumb knot has a belly and a back.
Tie a like knot in the other end, in such way that they interlock, at the belly's. It has to be the same knot, not its mirror image.
Open both thumb knots at the back a little, grip the other knot at the belly and start pulling.
Pull slowly, carefully, till both loops are big and the knot is tight.
pull the knot really tight, so the loops can not move anymore.
To make a series, start with a new knot right under the one you just finished.
If you work the knot into a project, put the knots you already have in the place of the bight at the top of the knot.
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©Willeke 2002