Petal knot
Place your string on your worktop, like the spokes of a wheel.
Take your first string and make a loop, not necessary but helps in the last stage. Put the string on the table across the second string.
This second string makes one round turn (or more) around the first string,
before it is placed across string 3. Which does the same, keep the same amount of round turns.
You may keep the turns tight while tying but I had to leave a little slack in the drawings.
The last string has to go through the round turns of the first string. If you had not made them before you need to make them now.
You can make this knot with one or more round turns, with 3 or more strings. And you can make this knot in series of increasing numbers of round turns. If you start with the one above and follow it with one with more turns you get a disk. Increase the next one with the same amount to keep the knot regular and you created a flower.
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©Willeke 2002