Ocean mat
If you already know another ocean mat you may use that one as well.
The start is a turks head knot.
Start with a loop,
make the second loop over the first and pass under the starting string, weave the string through, one up one down till you are at the bottom. pull both loops out,
and twist them, keeping the one over- one under pattern bring the one over the other, keeping the pattern at the topmost crossing. The other crossings are not in pattern any more. Feed one string through, the first two tucks are in pattern again.
Feed the other string through, the pattern is back. Shape the knot. Double or follow and take the old one out, as far as needed. If you use the mat for a head, this is where you make eyes. When you get to the middle of the mat you can start with the eye-knots. The eyes are just thumb knots, come back to this side to fix them, and go out at the big spots for the neck.
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A bigger picture of the mat.
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