Necklace or bracelet knot
This knot is known (but not widely) as the necklace knot. (As far as I remember, I could not find it in the books.) If you use it differently, it is known as the double fishermans knot. Because of the use I have for it I do refer to it sometimes as bracelet knot.

Place the strings alongsides each other, facing the other way. Just work with the string where the end is at hand.
Place the short end below the longer one. Cross over and down at the back.
Go around again, over the two strings together.
When you are back, go through the centre of the knot, between the two strings and under the two loops you just made.
Tighten well.
Here you see what the knot should look like when tightened. Front and back. You see the little end moved to the other side. (If yours has not, no problem.) This is one of the two knots you need to make.
Turn your work around so the other string is above and the short end where the other used to be and make the same knot again.
Go around the string twice and through the centre of the knot again and pull tight.
If you have made the knots the same as I do they are mirror image. Pull on the knots, as the arrows indicate, to shorten the bracelet (or necklace) and pull on the long strings to lengthen it.
Cut the ends short. If you melt or glue the ends to prevent fraying, be careful the strings will not become glued together. The knot has to slide on the string, that is why you made it.
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©Willeke 2003