To complete a posy, (a small bunch of flowers,) you can make a leaf, (or two.) Take a length of green string and tie a series of shamrock knots. Try to keep the 'wings' of the shamrock knots even and the knots tight. I kept the knots close together to get a strong spine in the leaf. If you want to, you can leave a little more space in between, it is your leaf. If needed, you can strengthen it like the stems of the flowers or like the animals.
When you think your leaf is long enough, or when your string gets short, twist and splice the ends into a round braid of four. The last bit of the string will disappear into the last shamrock knot. To braid the stem you need just over twice its length. If you do not have enough length left, you can also just make a tight twist, if needed with wire.
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