Larks head knot
This is a knot most often used as starting knot in macramé. To make it tie a string taut across your worktop, use pins or nails or tie it around your worktop. This I call your base string. If you want to work on a ring fix it to your worktop, your ring is your base (string).
Take a string, double it and pull the loop underneath your base string, fold the loop over and pull the long ends of your string through. Pull the knot tight but do not overdo it, it should still slide over the base string.

If you need more strings tie the next one besides the first, like the steps are in the drawing.

If you want the knot the other way round do as in the next drawing.

Place your doubled string over your base string, fold the loop backwards, beneath the string and pull the long ends through.

Do not mix the two versions of this knot, or do it in a controlled way, like one of the one and one of the other because you need the effect.

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