Half hitch knot
This is a simple knot, it is the first bit you do when you tie your shoes, before the bit with the loops. You must have tied it countless times. Now you have to see what you are doing and maybe change it a little. That is why I made the pictures. But if you do not understand what I tell you, just pretend to tie your shoelaces.

The different versions are not there to confuse you but to help you see the different ways you can tie this knot.

Version 1
Place your string side by side, and cross the one from the right under the other to the left.
Take it back to the right over the string and under itself, this is one half hitch.
Keep the string not working under a little tension, it needs to stay straight.
Repeat the move. Often this knot is used in two's but it can also be an endless repeat.
Version 2
This is the mirror image of version 1, so now it is the string from the left which does the work.
You see, it moved around its friend.
You have to tighten the knots after each half hitch.
Version 3
In this version the string goes over its partner first in going around but the knot is the same.
When you tie a couple of knots in version 2 and go on in version 3 you will see that the knots are the same. I give you the different versions to show how it looks when working.
You can make a mirror image of this version as well, you get the same knot as in version 1, only looking at it from behind.
Version 4
Again the same knot as version 1 but the way you hold the string is different,
it may take some getting used to but is worth learning the different ways to tie.
In this way of tying you almost always make two knots before moving to the next string.
Version 5
As you can see this is the mirror image again, but the pictures may be needed.
It is amazingly confusing to work this versions mirror image without the pictures.
But with a little help you should be able to master it.
Version 6
This version is the back again.
You do not often tie this knot at the back.
But there is no reason not to give you these pictures.
You see this simple knot has many versions, while writing this I remembered another 4 at least. But they will go in another section.

As with any decorative knot, try out what you like best, and what works for you but remember there are more versions if you need them.

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©Willeke 2003