Flowers, general instructions.
If you want to make flowers, all you really need is two lengths of string, any colour. If you want to make your flowers in natural colours, string in green and in flower colours is very useful. But I have made acceptable flowers in black and yellow, that being the only colours I had available at that moment.

If you work in one colour the shape of the flower is more important, if you work in natural flower colours the shape just has to be vaguely flowerlike, the colours do the rest. But a flower to decorate, for instance, a gift warped parcel can be in just white.

In my instructions I give the way to work with different string for the stem and the flower, if you work in one or two colours you may prefer to go on with the same strings. You may still make all the knots I describe, but it might be useful in at times to miss the one meant to fix the old and new string together. (Often a crown knot or crown over 2.)
There is no need to stick to what I have done, try your own variations. These pages are only to give you some ideas, to give you a start to make your own knotted work.

All you basically need for flowers are a stem and a flower. For the stem, braiding works quick but crowning, kept tight, will also do, or using sticks or big size string.
For the flowers you need to make something vaguely flower shaped. My way is to make multi strand knots, like crown knots, diamond knots, and the petal knots. But you can make nice flowers with single string knotting as well. Half hitching, tatting and needle lace to name a few. And if you are a macramé addict you will find a way to use that.
If you know how to make flowers, just do and enjoy it.

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