Flower 4
Start with a round braid of 4 strands using green string. Place 2 coloured strings on the braid. Make a crown knot over the new strings. Bring your green strands down between the coloured ones. Tie a wall knot of 4 ends around the braid and tighten well. Bring the rests of the green strings back up. Tie a crown knot with the green ends and keep the left over bits of string sticking out to the side. Tie with the coloured ends a crown knot over 2, keeping the green ends coming out at the side, cut the green ends short.
The first petal knot is the one that the drawings give, with 2 turns (in knot tyers language a full round turn.)
Next make a petal knot with 3 turns, (this is one more than in the drawings,) but make it up side down, that is, instead of going under the next string first you go over first and around. To be followed by one with 4 turns, right side up. The next one has 5 turns, up side down, and the last knot has 6 turns right side up.
Weave your strings back through the knot at the corner, I needed a pair of pliers to do so. Cut your strings short.
In the view from above you can see the petal knot with 4 and with 6 turns well, in the picture that shows the bottom of the flower you see the petal knot with 3and 5 turns, and a bit of the one with 6 turns.
view from above
Knots used
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round braid
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crown knot wall knot crown knot over 2 petal knot petal knot up side down
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