Flower 2
Take a length of green string and twist and splice back into a round braid of 4. Take 4 lengths of coloured string and double them and tie them to the end of the braid with a reef knot (square knot) of the green string. Tie the 8 ends in a crown knot of 8 ends, over 3, over the reef knot. Tie the rests of green string around the braid, I used the mathew walker but you can use any knot that wont slip. If you need you can glue or sew the string. Cut the green string short. Tie a diamond knot in the 8 coloured strings and fold is down while tightening. Tie a second diamond knot and fold it upwards when you tighten it. Tie a crown over 3 into the hole. (While you tighten this knot will fill in the hole.) Tighten well, this will fix the strings, you should not need to glue. Cut all strings at the same length, I have done it at 1 cm (1/2") and fray the ends. If you cut the strings short the knot at the top will show better.
Knots used
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splicing back to a 4 braid crown knot wall knot crown knot 8, over 3 diamond knot A bigger picture.
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