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Start with a round braid of four strands using green string, end the braid with a crown knot. Place 4 coloured strings on the knot. (You will work with 8 ends later on.) Make a crown knot over the new strings, try to get them organised between the green strands. Bring your green strands down between the coloured ones. Tie a wall knot of 4 ends around the braid and tighten well. Bring the rests of the green strings back up. Tie with the coloured ends a crown knot of 8 ends, over 3, keeping the green ends coming out in the middle. Follow with a wall knot of 8 ends, over 1, around the last knot, (I have no instructions for you now but if you get lost, turn the whole up side down and tie a crown knot 8, over 1.) The next knot is a crown knot of 8, over 3, tighten the knot, pull till the leftover bits of green string are in their place, and then tighten your last crown knot well. Now it is time to cut the green string real short. Again a crown 8, over 3, and if your string is slippery you may want to put a little glue on your strings before tightening, but only on the bits that disappear in the knot and not on the bits that will come out again. Tighten well and cut at about 3 mm (1/10") the string will fray spontaneously, maybe they need a little help. If glue came in these bits you may want to cut them short.
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