Diamond knot with 8 ends, 'over 1, under 1'
This knot is a brother to the crown knot and the wall knot, in fact it is a combination of both. In the crown knot you go over all the strings, in the wall knot under and in this knot you go over one under the next.
If you are not familiar with the diamond knot, make a crown and a wall knot with eight ends first to get the feel of working with many strings.
And as with the crown and wall knot, it is good to use a worktop with a hole. And with some training, this knot can be made in the hand as well.
Place your strings on the table like the spokes of a wheel, number the ends if you wish, with the clock, start at the nine o 'clock position.
Take your first string and move over the next string and under the following one. Put it on the table, remember the loops at the arrows.
The other strings also have to go over one string and under the next.
You will see that the string goes under the strings you put on the table, like in the wall knot.
The last two strings have to go through the loops, one through one loop,
the last goes under one string and over the next, in the loop. Now you tighten, in two or three phases. You may fold the knot down or up, or if you work carefully, keep it like it is.
I have drawn this knot with eight strings but you can tie it with any other amount too. From as few as three till an endless number. You may also change the unders and overs, here I used the basic sequence, but you can go 'over two, under one,' or four times 'over one, under one' or an other pattern. As long as the pattern is repeated with all the strings the knot can be used in fancy work. (And maybe you find the use for an irregular knot.)
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©Willeke 2002