Crown knot with 8 ends, over 1.
If you make this knot for the first time, and at the end of a braid make sure you have a worktop with a hole, and put the braid in the hole. The hole can be a little space between two tables or cardboard or foam with a hole on your worktable.
Like the crown knot with 4 ends, place your strings on the table like the spokes of a wheel, number the ends if you wish, with the clock, start at the nine o 'clock position.
move that string over the next, keep a little loop at the arrow.
Repeat with the next six. Remember that in going over a new string, you also go over the one you just put on the table in its new position.
The last has to go through the loop made by the first.
Tighten, in two or three phases, you will keep a hole in the middle, or tie this knot around an other and keep that in the centre of this knot. If you need a knot which is closed in the middle, try the 'over 3' version of this knot.
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