Crown knot with 8 ends, over 3.
If you make this knot for the first time, and at the end of a braid make sure you have a worktop with a hole, and put the braid in the hole, and pin your strings down. Once you get experience you can make this knot with less fuzz, I do it just in the hand.
Like the crown knot with 4 ends, place your strings on the table like the spokes of a wheel, number the ends if you wish, with the clock, start at the nine o 'clock position.
move that string over the next three,
repeat with the next four
keep a little loop at the arrows,
The last three have to go through the loops, one trough one,
the next through two,
and the last through three loops, and tighten, in two or three phases.
You can make an eight strand crown knot over one and over two as well and even go over more strands, you can go over eight if you want. In flowers and bell ropes I often go over five, but it is impossible to draw. I hope you understand how to do that after doing this knot. If not make an over one and an over two, this over three, and than go over four and so on.
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