Square Knotted start
This is a way to start a belt, or watchstrap, or any bit of macramé you want to start with a point. You can also use this method to ad more strings at the side of a piece of macramé.
Pin your two doubled strings down on your worktop. Use a piece of foam, board or a cork notice board to protect your tabletop.
Tie a square knot, that is one half knot starting from the one side and than one from the other side. Keep the knot close to the pins, replace them if needed, at tightening the knot.
Pin a new string on each side of the knot.
Tie a knot in the leftmost four strings and the rightmost four. Start every time from the same side.
And repeat above, pin two new strings at a time, and tie square knots in each set of four. If you prefer to start tying in the middle of your work, remember to take two strings from one knot and two from the one next to it.
You can see that the strings have not moved. The strings that started the work at the top stay in de middle. With all strings in the same colour it does not show but if you work with different colours make sure the strands end up right after each knot.
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