Bell flower
Start with a round braid of 4 strands using green string, end the braid with a crown knot. Place 2 coloured strings on the knot. Make a crown knot, over 2, over the new strings. Bring the rests of the green strings up. Tie with the coloured ends a crown knot over 2, keeping the green ends coming out in the middle. Cut the green strings.
Start the bell with a petal knot as in the drawings, with 2 turns. Now make a petal knot with 3 turns, (this is one more than in the drawings,) followed by one with 4 turns, next with a petal knot with 6 turns, and end with a petal knot with 8 turns.
Cut your strings short and melt the ends, tuck them away into the knot. Mine were so short I had to cut them real short and melt them into the knot. To do so you pull it as tight as you can get it, tighter than it should be, cut it at 3 mm (1/10") and melt it. As soon as the end is really melted, (often there will be a flame, blow it out,) pull till the end is nearly flush with the coiling around it and push on it with a smooth bit of metal, like a spoon (or not as save but often used, the metal part of your lighter.)
Be always careful when melting string, it can get real hot and some sorts of string get hotter than others en every experienced knot tyers can tell you stories about burnt fingers.
In the view from above you can see the petal knot with 4, 6 and with 8 turns well.
In the view from the side you can see all the petal knots well, you can even see the string go from one knot to the next.

view from above
Knots used
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round braid
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crown knot crown knot over 2 petal knot A bigger picture.
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