Turks head knot 3 bight, 4 lead
To make an elongated little button or ball, make a three bight, four lead turks head knot. I have used different colours to make it easier to read the pictures, you can take whatever colour near at hand. In the pictures all the crossings are in view, at the back the strings are going strait up.
Work around a tube, make a full loop around it, in the picture I started with red and went on with pink.
From the top, go over the first string, next under the next two, and behind the tube back to the top. (This is all in light blue.)
From the top, between the first two strings, go over the first, (you are at the outside now,) under the string which is under, over the next one which is over, and under the last. (Dark blue.)
This is what the knot looks like when the crossings are evenly divided between front and back.
This is what the knot looks like when doubled.
Tighten a little to get the knot organised and start doubling, leave the tube in. After doubling you tighten again, you may want to replace the tube by something narrower, like a pencil, knitting needle or a bit of string, but leave something in till the knot is tight enough. (When not doubled the knot will loose shape, also when doubled and not tight.)
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©Willeke 2002